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Wchodzimy do katalogu /data/movements/scripts/ i tworzymy katalog vipbridge.lua

function onStepIn(cid, item, position, fromPosition)
local config = {
uniqueid = 1234,   ---item unique id
vipstorage = 1234, ---- storage of vip player
kickpos = {x=1232, y=234, z=234, stackpos=1 } --- position where non vip player will be kicked
    if(item.uid == config.uniqueid) then
        if (getPlayerStorageValue(cid, config.vipstorage) == 0) then
			doTeleportThing(cid, config.kickpos)
			doCreatureSay(cid, "Only Vip players can pass here!, TALKTYPE_ORANGE_2, getCreaturePosition(cid))
			doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, 20, 'Hiho vip Player!')		
return TRUE

Nastepnie do /data/movements/movements.xml i dodajemy linijkę

<movevent type="StepIn" itemid="UNIQUEID HERE" event="script" value="vipbridge.lua"/>
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